Coastal Nail Collective

A collective of independent Nail artists looking to create good vibes and great nails! 

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nail collective

Nail Art, Manicures, Pedicures

We are private nail art studio located in picturesque Kittery Maine. Founded in 2022, it is a collaborative space made up of independent nail artists looking to create good vibes and great nails. 

While we all have our unique specialties, we share a passion for natural nail health and killer art. We strive to create a fun environment that will have you looking forward to your next visit. Can’t wait to see you!

About Us!

Meet The Team

Jacqui specializes in Dry Manicuring and Structured Gel Manicures, allowing clients to maintain long healthy natural nails. She also excels at abstract and minimalist nail art- but is down to try it all!

Allison specializes in intricate hand-painted nail art. If you can dream it she can do it! 

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Client Love

Nail Pop-Quiz

false! improper nail preparation and removal can cause damage the natural nail
I.e. find a skilled nail tech and DONT PEEL YOUR POLISH

True or false: Gel ruins your nails

A: once a day at night 
B: a few times a week 
C: twice a day

How often should you be applying cuticle oil to your nails?

c: cuticle oil hydrates the nail plate and helps your manicure last longer (Really!)

true! Shellac is CND’s gel polish line.
I.e. shellac is gel polish but gel polish is not shellac. 

true or false: shellac is a brand name of a particular company’s gel polish